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Last Minute Villa Holidays; our guide on how find a great villa holiday deal this year.

Are you looking for a last-minute getaway? If so, you may want to consider a villa holiday. Villa holidays offer several advantages over traditional hotel stays, including more space, privacy, and flexibility. Plus, and here is an inside tip, last minute villa holidays can often be found at a fraction of the cost of a regular booking.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about last minute villa holidays. We will cover topics such as how to find the best deals, what to look for in a villa, where to go, and how to make the most of your stay. So whether you are planning a last minute getaway villa holiday for two or a family villa holiday, read on for our top tips!

How to Find Last Minute Villa Deals with SPL Villas

There are two easy ways to find the best villa holiday deals with us. The first is to browse our special offer collections page, which shows all of the wonderful savings that we have on specific villas. Here you can filter by destination, price, and number of bedrooms to help you find the perfect villa for you.

The second way is to perform a search on our website for your required dates. Upon filtering by price, you will easily see which villas have price reductions on them.

Which destinations are trending this year for villa holidays?

The destinations that are trending for villa holidays this summer are those that are ideal for family holidays. Whilst all of the destinations that we feature cater perfectly for those with children, some are proving to be more popular this year. Luckily, we still have villas available for you to book, although they won’t be here for too much longer!

Our trending favourites this year are;

🌞 Mallorca, Spain

🌞 Algarve, Portugal

🌞 Cyprus

🌞 Dalmatia, Croatia

🌞 Crete, Greece

We have villas available in all those destinations, with prices starting from just £675 for a 7-night stay at Ariston Villas in Crete.

Swimming pool at Ariston Villas, Crete

What to Look for in a Villa holiday

When choosing a villa, there are a few things you will need to consider. The first is the location. Do you want to be close to the beach, or the town and amenities, or both? Do you want to be in a quiet area or a livelier one? We have handy filters that can help you narrow down all of those requirements, simply search and filter under ‘features’ for distances to beach, towns and other facilities.

Use distance filter to help you find the perfect villa for you

The next thing to consider is the size of the villa. Villas come in all shapes and sizes, so you will need to choose one that is the right size for your group. If you are traveling with a large family or group of friends, you will need a larger villa.

You will also need to think about the amenities that are important to you. Some villas come with all the amenities you could ever want, while others are more basic. Decide what amenities are important to you and choose a villa that has them. Using our useful filter tool, you can easily select the amenities and entertainment that is key to your villa holiday requirements.

Use features to find the perfect amenities for your villa holiday

Finally, you will need to consider the price. Villas can range in price, so it is important to set a budget before you start looking for a villa so that you don't overspend. With our special offers collection, we are sure you will be able to find something for your budget.

How to Make the Most of Your Stay on a villa holiday

Once you have found the perfect villa, it is time to start planning your stay. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your holiday;

🌞Relax and enjoy your time away. This is your vacation, so make sure to relax and enjoy yourself. Spend time by the private pool, read a book, or take a nap.

🌞Explore your surroundings. If you are staying in a villa that is in a popular tourist destination, be sure to explore the area. Visit local shops and restaurants and take in the sights and sounds of your destination.

🌞Get some exercise. If you are staying in a villa that is in a rural area, take advantage of the opportunity to get some exercise. Go for a hike, bike ride, or swim in the pool.

🌞Spend time with your loved ones. If you are traveling with family or friends, make sure to spend time together. Cook meals together, play games, or just relax and talk over a glass of your favourite tipple.

Last minute villa holidays can be a great way to save money and have a relaxing holiday. By following these tips, you can make the most of your villa holiday this year.

Get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you and our team of holiday lovers are here to help you find that special villa, that is just perfect for you and your loved ones.