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Nissi Beach


Villas in Nissi Beach

One of Cyprus most popular beaches is Nissi Beach a resort not far from Ayia Napa - this level stretch boasts shallow waters and lots of water sports, perfect for families seeking a relaxing villa holiday. A regular fixture on the world’s top beaches list, Nissi Beach is a Blue Flag-winning arc of pearl-white sand that melts into the turquoise sea. The quaint resort is home to little side streets dotted with picturesque gardens and authentic Greek tavernas serving up the catch of the day. Nissi Avenue is the main street where you can find souvenir shops and supermarkets. Our villas with private pools offer stunning sea views and are located well within walking distance of this beautiful beach.

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Nissi Beach Travel Guide

Nissi Beach, Cyprus, is more than just a family destination—it's also a perfect haven for couples seeking a romantic escape. With its picturesque sunsets, intimate settings, and serene atmosphere, Nissi Beach sets the stage for unforgettable moments with your loved one. There's something inherently romantic about a leisurely walk along the shoreline at sunset. Hand in hand, let the gentle lapping of the waves and the warm, golden hues of the setting sun create a backdrop for your intimate moments together. Elevate your romantic getaway by opting for a private villa. Enjoy the luxury of your own space, complete with a secluded pool and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Whether you're sipping champagne under the stars or lounging by the pool, a villa offers the ultimate in privacy and romance. Nissi Beach boasts an array of beachfront restaurants, each offering a delectable culinary experience with a view. Indulge in fresh seafood, sip on fine wine, and savour the flavours of Cyprus while gazing out at the sea. It's a recipe for a truly romantic evening. Pamper yourselves with a couples' spa day. Let skilled therapists soothe your bodies and minds with rejuvenating massages and spa treatments. The tranquil ambiance and attentive service create an atmosphere of pure relaxation and intimacy. Embark on a private boat tour with your significant other. Sail along the coast, discovering hidden coves and secluded beaches. Raise a glass of champagne as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with a palette of vibrant colours. End your evening by stargazing from the comfort of your villa or a secluded spot on the beach. With minimal light pollution, Nissi Beach offers a clear view of the night sky, providing the perfect backdrop for romantic moments.