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SPL Villas - Europe’s sunniest destinations

If you're looking for sunshine and warm weather in Europe, the first place to start would be the Mediterranean. A long way from the grey skies of the UK, the Mediterranean is known for its hot summers and mild winters, its sun-kissed beaches and warm seas.

You can almost guarantee warm weather when you holiday in the Med, but if vitamin D is the one thing you're in search of, with the help of our friends and sun care specialists over at Saltee, we've put together a list of our favourite sunny spots so you can be sure to soak up rays safely.

Canary Islands - Lanzarote

Starting with an outlier, albeit a sunny one, Lanzarote can be found in the Atlantic ocean, some 60 odd miles west of Morocco. While sitting firmly outside the Mediterranean basin, the Canary Islands are considered to be Spanish islands, which means at heart they're Mediterranean islands.

Geography aside, the island of Lanzarote is one of the sunniest spots in Europe, and as you might expect, it's one of the most consistent when it comes to weather too. With average highs of 29C in the summer and temperatures reaching 20C in the winter months, you can bask in the sun all year round. Be sure to wear a high SPF to protect your skin if you’re soaking up the rays.

When you're not basking in the sun, you can enjoy the rest of this unique and stunning island. With national parks abound for those who like to be up and about, there's a great variety of restaurants offering up freshly caught seafood and locally grown wine for those who prefer to take things at a slower pace. With villas with air conditioning and private pools, you don't even have to leave your holiday home to enjoy the sun in Lanzarote.

Dorada beach, Lanzarote


A much-loved favourite of ours and anyone looking to catch some rays, sunny Cyprus enjoys 12 to 13 hours of sunshine a day at the height of the summer, making it one of the sunniest spots on the continent. Quite literally twice as sunny in Cyprus as it is in London, Paphos, ranks as the sunniest place in the entirety of Europe, so be sure to pack some sun cream!

It's not just the weather that's warm either; you'll find Cypriots welcoming and accommodating, making this Mediterranean island ideal for groups of all sizes, families, large groups and romantic getaways. You'll come across endless beaches that hug the coastline, cities filled with places to eat and drink and attractions for visitors of all ages, all tied up in one sunny package.

Some of our favourite spots include Cyprus's many coves and beaches, locations such as Konnos Beach, surrounded by a national park, or Nissi Beach, with its stunning shallow waters. Historians of any age will be able to step back in time with Paphos' archaeological remains, while those more fixed on the present will be able to enjoy the vibrancy of the nearby waterfront.

Nissi Beach, Cyprus


A short distance off the toe of Italy's boot, the climate of this southern island benefits from its proximity to North Africa. Long ago, the Romans thought there were four gods of the wind, one blowing in each direction, but when visiting Sicily, you only have to concern yourself with one. The southern wind blowing up from the Sahara, combined with the Mediterranean sun, keeps the island warm all year round.

You might visit Sicily for the weather, but you'll certainly be staying for the food. Home to local delicacies and national favourites, one of the appeals of Italian cuisine is the country's penchant for regional variations. Even when exploring the island of Sicily, you're likely to find variations in cuisines.

When you've had your fill of street market delights, antipasti and pasta alla Norma, you can explore the island's many wonders. Italians are no stranger to UNESCO sites, and Sicily isn't one to buck the trend, featuring enticing old towns, captivating ruins and stunning landscapes. After sampling Sicily's culinary offerings and wandering through the island's attractions, you might find yourself in need of some relaxation, which is why Sicily's pale gold beaches and bright blue seas make for the perfect spot to enjoy the sun.

Modica, the home of Sicilian chocolate

Costa del Sol

Spain's initial tourism boom in the '50s & '60s opened the eyes of many British families to the possibilities of sandy beaches and warm waters, with hot and sunny weather almost guaranteed. Today, the facilities have improved, the possibilities are greater, and the weather is just as enjoyable. It's no wonder why Spain is the favourite destination of UK holidaymakers today.

There's an abundance of attractions to enjoy when you're not sunbathing, whether you want to stay local or explore the wider state of Andalucia. A location of contrasts, you can find culturally significant sites and natural wonders often beside each other. In cities, you can explore narrow streets of the mediaeval centres before turning a corner and finding yourself in the glamour of a modern city.   

Summer in the Costa del Sol is a paradise of fresh food, refreshing drinks and hot sun, couple these with our villas, and you'll be thinking of your next visit to the Marbella or Sotogrande before you've even flown home. With so much to enjoy and explore, you're guaranteed a wonderful time when you book a holiday through SPL Villas.

Marbella harbour

 It isn't hard to find sunshine in the Mediterranean, which is why when packing our bags for a holiday, we're always sure to bringalong our luxury skincare products from Saltee so that we can enjoy the sun, whatever the weather.

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