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Best holiday destinations for families with young kids

Whether this is your first holiday as a family or your 10th, booking through SPL Villas is a sure way to guarantee family members of all ages have a fantastic time abroad. Today, it’s never been easier for families to enjoy the sun, sea and sights of the Mediterranean.

As ever, the question of where to go remains, and it's no secret that we at SPL have a soft spot for the Mediterranean. We also know that running a family is a full-time job, which is why we've saved you the effort of researching and have put together a list of the best locations to take a young family.

Villa holidays in Italy

Top of our list is Italy, a country with family memories you can look back on fondly are around every corner. Whether you choose a coastal villa in Sicily or a villa with a Tuscan hilltop view, you can be sure everyone around will go above and beyond for your little ones, especially when food is involved!

Speaking of food, there's plenty of room for any fussy eaters here without losing out on the opportunity to enjoy cuisine yourself. Pizza, pasta, and local delicacies abound; it's no surprise Italian food can be found across the globe. Travelling to the source of all things delicious, you can explore the regional varieties knowing even your youngest family members will find something they can enjoy.

As for activities, Italy has an abundance of things to do; active families can enjoy things such as donkey rides up Sicily’s Mt. Etna or toddling through Umbria’s green spaces. For those looking for something a little more relaxing, Puglia offers a range of sandy beaches perfect for building sandcastles and paddling.

Villa holidays in Greece

Another phenomenal destination for making family memories, Greece, especially destinations off the beaten path, has a lot to offer young families. Picking the time of year you decide to visit can be key, however, with the hot weather sometimes bordering on too warm for young children. Fortunately, with almost all of our villas coming with air conditioning, and a private pool for you to splash in, you and the kids can keep cool even in the height of summer.

However, few destinations in the Mediterranean can compare to Greece when it comes to beaches. With islands abound, Greece isn't short on sea or sand, and you're never too far from the shore, but some beaches are worth seeking out.

Elafonisi beach on the southwest edge of Crete is unique for its white and pink sands and the shallow blue waters around them, providing a day out as pretty as it is fun. On the island of Rhodes, you can find Tsambika beach, a family-friendly spot with all the facilities you could need. The calm waters here are ideal for paddling and learning to swim! On the mainland, you can find Kefalonia, which is home to Myrtos beach, a pebbly but quieter alternative that's ideal for picnics and little strolls along the pristine waters edge.

Villa holidays in Spain

One of the most popular destinations in Europe, let alone the Mediterranean, Spain is a holiday spot that caters to families of all ages and sizes. With their fair share of islands, mainland resorts, water parks and zoos, the Spanish know a thing or two about family entertainment. Being only a short distance from the UK, you don't have to travel long before arriving either.

Spain's Costa del Sol has plenty for families to enjoy. Whether it's spotting animals in a zoo, or riding in cable cars spotting people down below, everyone in the family will be able to enjoy Spain's southern coast, and the variety of things to do will keep even the fussiest family members entertained.

It's not just Spain's mainland that has all the fun; if you travel further afield and explore Spain's islands in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, you can find a broad range of things to enjoy. Spain's Canary Islands are famous for their family-friendly appeal, with Lanzarote and Fuerteventura taking pole position in terms of things for younger people to do. The Balearic Isles may have a reputation for their nightlife, but during the day and away from the louder end of the island, you can find plenty of families enjoying themselves and soaking up the warm welcome.

Villa holidays in Cyprus

A Mediterranean hotspot, in both senses of the word, Cyprus is a fantastic destination for families looking for a break at any time of the year. Aside from the glorious sunshine, families can find something for everyone on the charming island of Cyprus.

Like almost all locations in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has a healthy share of historical ruins left behind by everyone who passed through. While a wander through these wonders might be lost on the youngest of your group, Cyprus has plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

With spectacular sandy beaches lapped by warm water and a whole host of amenities, Cyprus' Nissi beach is a welcome spot for those excited to feel the sand beneath their feet regardless of whether it's for the first or 31st time. Our villas with a sea view mean you're never too far from the water or have to wait too long to get there. Similarly, Paphos is a delight at any age, with great smells, sights and sounds in every direction, a harbour providing fresh food and a mountain backdrop; there's so much to enjoy.

Book your family holiday with SPL Villas and create some unforgettable memories this summer. If you have any questions about which villa and which destination would be best for your family, ourteam of friendly experts are always happy to discuss your options with you.