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Hidden Gems of Cyprus

As one of Europe’s sunniest islands, Cyprus might well be the closest thing to the meteorological opposite of the UK, making it a popular destination with people looking for hot summers, mild winters and year-round sun. The amicable climate makes it a firm favourite, and with a great collection of villas in Cyprus, it’s a holiday location we’d recommend time and time again.

If you’ve visited before or are looking for something off the beaten track, we’ve put together a list of destinations, attractions, and sights that offer something a little different from the regular spots.

Konnos Bay

Konnos Bay, Cyprus

One of the quieter beaches on the island, Konnos Bay has everything you could want on a beach: white sand, crystal blue waters and incredible views. It’s probably one of the busiest hidden gems on the list, given its proximity to Ayia Napa, but the still waters and quiet bay mean this little beach situated in the Cape Greco national park is a must-see.

With everything from water skiing, canoe paddling and snorkelling up for grabs, Konnos Bay is ideal for water sports and soaking up some rays.

Paphos’ Mosaics

Paphos itself is a treasure trove of delights, but as one of the islands most popular destinations, we can’t really call it a hidden gem; however, if you decide to visit or choose a Cyprus villa in Paphos, then we can’t recommend visiting the mosaics enough.

The closest you can get to a snapshot of the antiquarian past, these mosaics capture a combination of everyday life and Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. The astounding quality was once intended to impress ancient visitors, and while the original owners may not be around to see it, modern-day viewers are just as affected.

Tzelefos medieval bridge

As the largest medieval stone bridge on the island, you’d expect to see this in the middle of the city, spanning a river for people to use. While you’d be correct about spanning a river, its location may come as something of a surprise.

Set in the heart of Paphos’ mountains and deep in a forest, this slice of history is quietly tucked away in a location that couldn’t feel more removed from the beaches and tourist attractions of the more popular destinations.

Avakas Gorge

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous and want to stretch your legs (or walk off all the halloumi you’ve enjoyed on your villa holiday in Cyprus!), then Avakas Gorge makes for the perfect outing. While you might need to hire a jeep or pay for someone to take you up the dirt track to get there, the views are well worth it.

Another hidden gem that makes the most of Cyprus’ varied landscape, this is the ideal location to escape the crowds and enjoy the natural beauty of the island, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot a wild goat or two!

Blue Lagoon Akamas

Akamas, Cyprus

Another location that might require a 4x4 (there’s a reason these gems are hidden, but you can walk there in roughly an hour), this beautiful bay is lucky enough to be more shielded from the winds than other nearby locations, making the water a little warmer than most other places.

This, combined with the clarity of the water, means that if you’re a fan of getting your feet wet, the blue lagoon should be at the top of the list of places to visit when on your Cyprus villa holiday.


Nissi Beach, Cyprus

Nestled on the northern slopes of the Troodos mountains, in the Marathassa Valley lies Kalapanayiotis. A fairytale village that has moved with the times but still retained the traditional style of its medieval past.

With plenty to do once you arrive and, at most, two hours away from any of our villas in Cyprus, this quaint and picturesque village offers a different, quieter side to the island that you might be searching for.

Whether you’re in Latchi or Nissi Beach, Cyprus offers up a wealth of activity. From fine dining to gleaming beaches, to family orientated attractions, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. We hope this guide takes you to places you may have otherwise missed, and helps you fall in love with villa holidays in Cyprus as much as we have.

You can contact us here for more information on our villas in Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean.