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Escape the hustle and bustle with these quiet gems in Spain

Year on year, Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British tourists, and you don't have to spend much time on the Iberian peninsula to understand why. Besides the sun, sea and sand we've all come to know and love, Spain is also home to phenomenal food and fantastic attractions that ensure everyone stays happy.

Part of what makes Spain so appealing as a holiday destination is the rich variety of destinations, offering everything from sandy island beaches to historic and bustling market squares to hillside nature hikes.

If your idea of a perfect holiday is best spent away from crowds or if you enjoy uncovering hidden gems, Spain has a treasure trove of quiet destinations just waiting to be found across the Costa del Sol, The Balearic and the Canary Islands.


Situated in the south of Spain, Mijas can be found in the heart of Costa del Sol. Its location provides warm weather all year round, and the variety in Mijas means there's plenty to explore. While its proximity to the coast offers sunkissed and sandy beaches, the village nestled in the mountain sides provides some of the best-kept secrets on Spain's southern coast.

Exploring the typical white-washed village provides stellar views of the surroundings, especially as you make your way up the hillside. You'll find cobbled streets, balconies adorned with colourful flowers, and historic sites as you continue to wander the streets of Mijas. Perfect for those with an inquisitive nature, Mijas has plenty to offer anyone willing to look for it.

Mijas Pueblo, Costa del Sol

Santa Cruz - Tenerife

Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife is no secret; in fact, as the island's capital, it's far from hidden and is rarely quiet. However, there's more to Santa Cruz than just the bustle of the city; the wider area encompasses a large national park, known as Macizo de Anaga, that's been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the number of plants and animals specific to the region.

If you didn't pack your hiking boots but still want to be able to find a quiet spot of greenery in Tenerife's capital, you could visit Santa Cruz's Palmetum, a sprawling botanical garden that offers plenty of shade and stunning views of the sea. The coastal location makes the Palmetum an easily accessible spot you can visit when exploring the city.

Portocolom - Mallorca

Portocolom on the east coast of Mallorca is a traditional village that has retained much of the historic charm that has made it one of the best-hidden gems in Spain for decades. Situated in the comfort of one of the island's largest and most sheltered bays, the waters are almost always calm and, being on the island of Mallorca, almost always warm.

As you explore Portocolom, you'll find boats bobbing in the water and lighthouses overlooking the bay. Restaurants that serve local wine and freshly caught seafood can be found on the harbour front. Only a short journey from our villas in Cala d'Or, Portocolom is a spectacle at any time of day, but especially as the sun rises over the water. 

Lighthouse overlooking Portocolom bay

Cala del Pino

Stretching across the sunny Costa del Sol coast, Cala del Pino is a sandy bay quietly tucked away between holiday resorts and fishing villages. A short drive from our villas in Mijas, Cala del Pino is a sunkissed spot ideal for soaking up rays and swimming in the calm sea. With clear blue water and a sandy beach, there's the possibility of snorkelling and diving without worrying about crowded waters.

Explore the wider area, and you'll find a number of other similarly stunning and sandy coves across the coastline. With the Sierra de Tejeda inland and the Mediterranean sea lapping at the shores, there's plenty of beaches waiting to be discovered.

Lithica - Menorca

A truly unique destination in Menorca, there's much more to Lithica than meets the eye. A former quarry, Lithica today is a combination of garden, art, and history, creating a space unlike any other on the island. While the past workings are on full display, the quarry has been transformed to create a dynamic environmental and cultural space.

For a place that was once centred around stone, nature has re-entered and been introduced to the quarry to create an alternative green space that's a true gem on this island. Admittedly, a former quarry isn't the first destination you think of when planning a holiday, but if you're looking for a unique and innovative hidden gem, then Lithica will tick all your boxes. 

Timanfaya National Park - Lanzarote

National parks often conjure images of lush green environments, with a diversity of animals, birds and plants in all directions, but Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote offers a very different experience. While you might not see the same levels of greenery as you would on other Spanish islands, Timanfaya isn't short on beauty or wonder. Unique in its structure and origin, the national park is the result of volcanic eruptions that covered the area in volcanic soil. The variety of colours, the lack of vegetation, and the jagged and almost abrupt nature of the coastline create an otherworldly landscape that looks as foreign as it does mesmerising.

Guided tours are available, but routes by car, foot and even camel are possible. Regardless of how you choose to travel, it's hard to miss the all-encompassing majesty of Timanfaya National Park.

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

At SPL Villas, we know that your perfect holiday is specific to you, whether you're travelling with a large group, as a family, or as a couple. We work hard to find the right villa for you, near to the hidden gems you want to explore and uncover yourself. Get in contact today to find your ideal villa holiday.