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Where to go for good weather in Europe?

We love the UK, after all, what's not to love? From the beauty of our national parks to the hustle and bustle of our cultural hotspots, there's an almost endless list of things to enjoy. However, and it's a hefty however, a lot of these great experiences are dependent on the weather, and in the UK, the weather is probably the one thing you can't depend on.

Obviously, there are many more components to whether a holiday is great other than the weather, but ideally, you want to enjoy the local sights without having to peek out from under an umbrella. When it comes to finding good weather that doesn't require at least four hours on a plane, your best bet is visiting in and around the Mediterranean. Whether you're looking for good weather in May or November, Europe can offer everything you could need all year round.

Below you'll find some of our favourite countries that offer great opportunities not just for sunbathing, but sightseeing and enjoying local culture without the constant need for an anorak.

Making the most of Madeira’s weather

Ponta de São Lourenço cliffs, Madeira

A fascinating little island out in the Atlantic, off the North West coast of Africa, with warm temperatures all year round, Madeira promises a high chance of good weather even in December. An autonomous region of Portugal with a rich history full of surprises and natural wonders around every corner, Madeira may be most well known in the UK for the cake it's lent its name to, but there's so much more to discover on this small island.

With villas surrounded by the island's iconic forests boasting hillside vistas and others only a short walk from the beach, we can find you holiday homes that offer seclusion for that ultimate relaxation or villas in some of the island's most popular destinations and everything in between.

Cracking weather in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Increasingly popular as a destination for holidays, the Croatian coastline offers plenty for visitors, and while further inland you're more likely to get a variation of the typical European climate, the weather on the coast is much closer to a Mediterranean climate. If you go to Dalmatia looking for good weather in April, you might find it rainier than other places on the Med, but compared to the UK, it might just be the paradise you're looking for.

We have villas stretching up and down the length of the Croatian coastline, and because there's so much to explore, we know you'll be wanting to return. So whether it's a villa in the north or the south, there's something for groups of all sizes.   

Enjoying the sunny weather in Spain

Marbella coast line

The rain in Spain may not always stay on the plain, but in Spain's Costa Del Sol they get more sun than almost anywhere else in Europe, which means whenever you go, there's always a good chance the weather in Marbella is some of the best you’ll find on the continent.

With plenty of Spanish islands floating in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, each one with its own culture, cuisine, and collection of coastal villas to boot, you're spoiled for choice in sunny Spain.

Our villas

Even if it does rain when you're abroad (and we can't promise that it won't), our villas make staying in on a rainy day a holiday in their own right. Each one is beautifully decorated, and almost all come with a private pool; our villas are very popular with families, large groups of friends and couples regardless of the weather.