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Cycling holidays in Mallorca

As Spain’s largest Balearic Island, Mallorca has long been a go-to destination for cyclists all over Europe - thanks to its blue skies, sunny coastlines, tough ascents, rolling descents and of course, the idyllic scenery dotted around every corner.

From gliding down winding, flat roads to pedalling up skyhigh mountain ranges, there’s something for everyone in Mallorca - families, cycling clubs and solo riders alike. A cycling holiday is an exciting, enjoyable way to travel and experience Mallorca at your own leisure, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth.

If you’re not already sold on biking around the Balearics, keep reading to discover why Mallorca is the perfect destination for your cycling holiday, as well as finding out when to visit and of course, where to stay.

Why cycle in Mallorca?

Cycling holidays are the perfect way to immerse yourself into your destination, allowing you to travel further while giving you total freedom to stop off and explore secret coves, hidden gems and beautiful scenes - places that are often inaccessible by car. What better way to explore an island?

Explore Mallorca by bike at your own pace, no matter if you’re a beginner rider, an experienced cyclist or even on a family trip - Mallorca has something for everyone.

With a smooth road network, warm weather most of the year and numerous cycling routes to conquer, Mallorca is a holiday haven for cycling enthusiasts.

When to cycle in Mallorca

As mentioned, Mallorca typically promises good weather all year round, with clear skies, warm sunshine and a welcome seashore breeze as you pedal through the streets.

However, springtime or early September are some of the best times to visit Mallorca for a cycling holiday. Fewer tourists clog the streets, it’s out of the busy school holiday season and the heat will be blissfully warm rather than searing hot.

Though Mallorca weather is relatively reliable, it’s probably safest to avoid January and early February for a cycling holiday. These months sometimes see snow, and as it's a quieter period for both cyclists and tourists, many bike hire shops and facilities will be closed or only operating at limited hours.

Hiring your bike

Renting a bike is a simple and convenient way to enjoy a cycling holiday, rather than having to go to the trouble of travelling with your own. And luckily, finding a place to hire a bike is rarely an issue in Mallorca. With plenty of cycle hire shops in all the central resorts, you won’t struggle to find some wheels and get exploring.

Most reputable bike hire shops are found near biking hotspots such as Pollensa, Alcudia and Palma (we’ll go into further detail about these locations shortly), but don’t despair if you’re located a little out of the way. For a small extra fee, many bike rental shops will be more than happy to deliver your wheels to your door.

In terms of price, this can vary enormously depending on what type of bike you’re after, how long you’re renting it for and what is included in your rented cycling kit. For example, you might see the perfect bike at an appealingly low price point, but upon further inspection it turns out you don’t get half of the essential bits and pieces you need as part of the package. As such, prices can range anywhere from €15 to €85 and further, so it’s important to shop around.

Popular choices are companies such as Berganti Bikes and Yes We Bike, but as we said, finding a shop with the perfect bike to hire will never be a struggle in Mallorca.

Where to stay for a Mallorca cycling holiday

Far away from the bustling tourist hotspots, the rural areas of Mallorca offer slow-paced villages, quiet, secluded havens and several countryside routes to explore on two wheels.

Cyclists often flock to northern coastal towns such as Pollensa, a cultural hub filled with charm, character and cobbled streets, or Alcudia, an inviting historical town packed with sweeping bays and beautiful silky, sandy shores.

Pollensa is lined with narrow streets leading to an impressive main square, teeming with cafes, restaurants and bars to occupy you as the evening seeps into the night. Here at SPL Villas, we offer several luxury villas around Pollensa, each boasting stunning private pools and scenic views, and if you’re after something even quieter, we also have villas in the nearby Cala San Vicente too - still close to the important cycling routes, but without a crowd in sight.





ia, another popular cyclist destination, offers a livelier atmosphere with a bustling marina and cafes, bars and tasty tapas restaurants aplenty. This is perfect for those who want a pitstop on their cycling route for a coffee, or even a refreshing pint of ice-cold beer. And if you’re looking to seek some peace and quiet, our luxury villas across Alcudia offer the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day on the bikes.

Villa Carratxet, Mallorca

Cycling routes in Mallorca

Located above the busy, tourist-filled city of Palma, and spanning between Pollensa and Andratx, the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is the backbone of the island and home to various cycling routes. With distinctive cliffs and steep drops down to the azure shores, many routes here are not for the faint of heart.

The Tramuntana coastal roads climb 2,520 metres, providing remarkable island views, taking you over Coll de Femenia, Puig Major (the highest peak in the entirety of the Balearic Islands) and more. Many say it’s one of the best routes on the island, but that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself when you get there!

Home to stunning mountain villages such as Soller, Deia, Valldemossa and more, Mallorca truly is a picturesque dream for cyclists.

On the other hand, for something a little shorter, and potentially sweeter, there’s also the Bay of Pollensa route, offering spectacular scenery and an easy ride.

Another popular route takes you from Pollensa to Alcudia, taking you along a beautiful seaside path allowing you to experience all the Alcudian bays, with the highest point at a do-able 444m.

All in all, you’ll never be short of awe-inspiring views and places to explore in Mallorca, it’s just a case of finding the perfect route for you.

Booking your Mallorca holiday with SPL Villas

Ready for a holiday on two wheels?

With villas dotted across Mallorca, in some of the most popular, scenic cycling hubs, we’re here to ensure you’ve got a place to relax after a long day pushing the pedals. Just hop off the saddle, step inside your villa and reminisce on the day’s adventures, so you can unwind and prepare for what sights and scenes tomorrow may bring.

If a cycling holiday in sunny Mallorca sounds up your street, make sure to get in touch and we’ll be right on hand to offer our first-class customer service. Not only will we advise you on where to visit in Mallorca for the best bike rides, but we’ll work with you to find the perfect luxury villa that meets all your needs for the cycling holiday of dreams.

Let us help get you started on your next adventure.