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Mallorca, also sometimes spelt Majorca, is a jewel of an island situated on the western edge of the Mediterranean, nestled amongst the Balearic Islands. Ever a popular choice for holiday goers, this luxurious little island is no stranger to those in search of the perfect getaway. In combination with our luxury villas, Mallorca remains as irresistible as ever.

Home to luscious green spaces and historic mountain villages. Vibrant, bustling cities, each with their own rich cultural & historical pasts and modern attractions. Visitors have the choice of exploring either or both at their leisure. This wide-ranging choice in the space of one island allows it to cater to everyone no matter which of Mallorca's villas you choose to stay in.

Consistently one of our favourite places to visit in the Mediterranean, we list some of the reasons that make Mallorca a popular destination.

Bright lights of the capital

Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, is a must-see for those visiting the island. Laid back, but home to various attractions, a rich history and phenomenal places to eat; if you wished, you could spend your entire holiday in the city and still not experience everything there is to see.

With our villas in Sa Pobla less than 45 minutes away, and even the scenic town of Port de Pollença on the northeast coast less than an hour away, it's possible to enjoy the bright lights of the capital but also retire to quieter lodgings as the nights draw in. For those willing to stay up to the early hours, Palma continues to thrive after the sun sets, with music and street vendors filling the city's squares and avenues, as bars serve sangria long into the night.

Local cuisine

As part of Spain, you can expect the food of Mallorca to be reminiscent of what you'd find on the mainland. Here you'll find local ingredients and regional traditions take centre stage, emphasising fresh produce and regional tastes that result in unforgettable dishes. With a strong Iberian influence, the cuisine of Mallorca reflects the island with its recurring theme of pork, fish and generous helpings of vegetables.

Tapas abound, when eating in Spain you're frequently able to sample various dishes in a single sitting, something of a time saver if you find yourself on a weekend break or travelling with fussy eaters! Whether it's sobrassada, a Mallorcan sausage that resembles chorizo and is often eaten with bread and honey; or sopas mallorquinas, a traditional and hearty vegetable soup, ideal after a day of exploring the hills around Cala San Vicente, you'll leave the island with a new appreciation for Mallorcan cuisine.

Historical & cultural wonders

A long and storied history, Mallorca, much like the rest of the Mediterranean, wears its influences on its sleeve. Spending much of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages swinging from empire to empire, each one bringing new customs, traditions and technology. When exploring the island from your Mallorca villa, you'll find lasting marks laid down by previous conquerors, whether it's in Arabic place names like Alcudia leftover from the Caliphate of Córdoba or coastal watchtowers built under the Crown of Aragon.

That being said, there is a lot more to Mallorca than its history. The island has a rich and unique culture that continues to thrive in the modern world Like a lot of Spain, Mallorca is a great place to witness a festival or traditional fiesta. With something to celebrate nearly every month of the year, even in the colder months, catching a glimpse of these unique events is something you shouldn't miss. If you prefer something a little less involved, Mallorca is home to a number of brilliant museums dedicated to the arts, the past and everything in between.    

Port of Alcudia, Mallorca

Enjoying the outdoors

Last but by no means least, the natural landscape of Mallorca is something to behold as you explore the island. From pristine coastlines lapped by azure waves, to UNESCO protected hiking trails that wind through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in the island's northwest.

With such variety in the geography of Mallorca, the island finds itself popular with rock climbers, divers, hikers and cyclists. If outdoor pursuits are something you'd instead leave to the professionals, you can still practice your backstroke with most of our Mallorca villas coming with a pool.

 Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

As a holiday destination, Mallorca has always ticked all the boxes for us, warm and friendly (both the people and the weather) with great food and a fantastic selection of things to do, both indoors and out. If you're looking for a villa holiday in Mallorca, you can book online or speak with one of our villa specialists here.