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Choosing your 2022 villa holiday

Family holidays are where the best memories are made, bringing together generations to share the same experiences, and enjoy time together. Whether it's your first time visiting a destination or returning to a family favourite, deciding on where to go and what to look forward to is all part of the fun.

With spring only a couple of months away, families are drawing up plans, practicing their language skills and dusting off their passports. As holiday bookings from all across Europe steadily rise towards the summer months, we thought we'd give you a head start and help you decide on the perfect destination for your 2022 villa holiday.

After much deliberation, we've whittled our family favourites down to just five incredible destinations. With a range of villas dotted around each of these countries within our portfolio of properties, you can find the ideal holiday home for you in the location that suits you best.

Greece villa holidays

Greece is an amazing country, offering up a beautiful coastline, clear waters and iconic destinations, all with a welcome warm enough to match the summer heat. With large parts of Greece made up of islands, you're never too far from a beach, and with Greece's cultural background, you're never too far from the past!

Holidays in Greece are ideal for culturally curious families and those who love the feel of sand between their toes. Our villas in Greece can be found all over the country, from Crete, the biggest island, right down to the smaller, more traditional spots such as Santorini. And while Greece may be known for its islands, we also enjoy the delights of the mainland with villas in destinations such as Halkidiki. With each island bringing a unique experience, your family can holiday in Greece again and again, enjoying fresh destinations every time you visit.

While you're never too far from the beach, it's also worth remembering that almost all our villas come with their own pool, so the fun in the sun doesn't have to stop - even when you get home!

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Spain villa holidays

Spain is the most popular destination for British families when holidaying and it's easy to see why! With large parts of the country dedicated to tourism, Spain has some of the best family attractions in Europe. Boasting water parks, zoos and world-famous landmarks, you won't be short of activities when on your holiday.

The rain in Spain may stay mainly on the plain, but with inexpensive and reliable public transport, you don't have to stay in one place, with day trips offering both an easy, popular option. With the opportunity for travel around Costa del Sol, you'll be able to enjoy Spain's varied and beautiful cities, whether Granada’s Moorish architectural wonders or the coastal and cultural delights of Almeria.

Our Spanish villas are ideally located, with properties offering access to both nearby towns and stunning beaches, regardless of whether you're in the heart of Costa Del Sol or enjoying life on the Balearic Islands.  

Beach in Mallorca

Croatia villa holidays

Famed for its beautiful weather, family-friendly options and incredible cities (some of which you may recognise as set pieces from your favourite films and tv programmes!) Croatia is a firm favourite of ours. One for families looking for a quieter holiday but still looking to pack in lots of activities. Croatia is an ideal destination for exploring the national parks and natural beauty of the Adriatic, whether on foot, by car or kayak!

With delightful villas in Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Istria, we have a wide range of homes available to make your holiday in Croatia one to remember. Never far from an adventure, our villas in Croatia are the ideal base to set off to and a place to look forward to on your return from your day's journey.

If you're looking for city life, Dubrovnik is an ancient walled city with a cultural heritage to rival any other Mediterranean city. If history or architecture isn't really your thing - though who wouldn't be awed by the Onofrio Fountain - you can enjoy the nearby beaches with their photogenic views.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Italy villa holidays

Holidays in Italy wouldn't be the same without Italian cuisine. While Italy is known for its pizza, pasta and wine in the UK, the sheer variety of tantalising smells and tastes will encourage you to explore a broader range of foods. Wherever you decide to visit, you'll also be able to try local cuisines, with each region having perfected their version of the dishes we know and love.

With villas up and down the country, from the central region of Tuscany to the southern toe of Sicily, you can enjoy an authentic but unique experience every time you book with SPL Villas. All of our villas in Italy are located in fantastic locations, so you don't have to worry about waiting too long before diving in, whether that's a hearty helping of linguine or the clear waters off of Italy's coastline.

Italy has an almost endless list of things to do, providing plenty of activities for family members of all ages. Between the monuments of Italy's fascinating past, modern-day attractions, and the natural beauty of the Italian countryside and beaches, there's so much to explore and plenty for all the family to enjoy.

Taormina, Sicily

Portugal villa holidays

Next door to Spain but entirely unique, holidays in Portugal are sure to be loved by all the family. Portuguese beaches are some of the best in Europe, making the warmer months a popular time to visit. With sun, sea and sand abound, and so many of our villas in Portugal close to the sea, you're never too far from the fun.

While our villas on the mainland might undergo a mild winter, those in Madeira, just off the west coast of Africa, stay reasonably warm all year round. Firmly in the Atlantic and closer to Morocco than Portugal, you can enjoy these European islands in the middle of November and still leave your coats in your villa.

With long-established histories as a family holiday destination, both the Algarve and Madeira have everything a family could want on their holiday in Portugal. Whether it's the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere, the outstanding facilities, or activities such as dolphin watching, theme parks and boat tours, there's so much to explore when in Portugal. 

Algarve, Portugal

As exciting as the destination, no holiday is complete without a wonderful place to return to after a long day of enjoying the local attractions. Our villas offer up a wide range of options to present you and your family with the perfect home away from home. To find your perfect holiday villa, start here and plan the holiday of a lifetime.